How facing regret now can help us settle an old score — with ourselves.

Lu Hanessian

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Depending on the day, I may or may not have a boatload of regret.

And then depending on the day, I might have no regrets at all. I used to think regret was a useless concept. What was the point? I thought. If I couldn’t go back and change anything, what good would it serve me now to wish I’d done something differently? I’ve learned better.

Regret, n., a “pain or distress in the mind at something done or left undone,” (1500's); “weeping” (Old…

Calling out the barriers in our virtual work life is the first key to dismantling them. Here’s to calling out 4 elephants in the Zoom room — and 7 ways to strengthen team connection and resilience.

Lu Hanessian, MSc

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We weren’t built for this.

These disconnected simulated eye contact sessions, where, to make it look like we’re looking at each other, we must not look at each other.

“Stare into the black camera hole,” we’re advised by Zoom coaches.

I totally get it. It’s good advice — if you’re a television anchor. I was a television anchor for 25 years…

The temptation to liken the president to a child has been irresistible for too many journalists who’ve reacted to his threatening behavior like bemused, annoyed parents, rather than fierce defenders of democracy in peril. The public needs the press to change its lens.

Lu Hanessian

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When I was eight, a classmate invited me over for a playdate. At her request, I brought my freezer baggie stuffed with all my hand-made beaded bracelets and necklaces. An hour later, when it was time for me to go, she slammed herself against her bedroom door as a human barricade, and began to scream at me. As I scrambled to gather my things, she suddenly dropped to the floor, wild and breathless, clawed two fistfuls of my beaded crafts…and hurled them across the room.

I remember this story now not because I’m thinking of a grown man…

Trump and his enablers, his wealthy allies and appointees, his party power grabbers and network loyalists made a devil’s bargain with a pathogen. The virus has hit home with them. Here’s why they still won’t submit to reality.

Lu Hanessian

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Back in 6th century BC, hubris was a crime.

Hubris originates in ancient and classical Greek ‘shame’ culture. Hubris was considered an excessive pride. A presumptive disregard of “divinely fixed limits…in an ordered cosmos”.

What’s happening now inside this disordered cosmos in which we find ourselves is something more than hubris. What’s driving Trump and his entourage, his political allies and donors, and his personal propaganda television network to bulldoze American life, trash norms and rules, amplify disinformation, and incite violence? …

In the middle of a deadly pandemic, devastating recession, and long overdue national reckoning on racial injustice, we are witnessing a coordinated effort to undermine First Amendment freedoms, voting rights, and our national postal service. But, can anything surprise us anymore?

Lu Hanessian, MSc

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The “October Surprise”, a term coined by Reagan campaign manager William Casey, forever stamped our last national election with not one, but three consequential shockers. …

Armed paramilitary troops invading cities and suburbs. Tear gas attacks on peaceful protesters. Grabbing civilians off the street and into unmarked vans. We’ve turned a dangerous corner. Testing, testing...

Lu Hanessian, MSc

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It’s old news by now. This president and his administration have waged war on this country. Ask doctors and nurses who call their hospitals battle zones. Ask emergency workers who are suffering from PTSD. Ask the families of health care workers who have died in action, who treat COVID patients every day. …

In the middle of the biggest viral pandemic in a century, a global revolution sparking the largest antiracist movement of our lifetimes, worldwide protests against institutionalized racism and police brutality — and democracy on a cliff — we must fuel up for fight ahead. Here are 12 tips.

Lu Hanessian, MSc

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Thomas Merton wrote that, in order to disarm the violence in the world, we must first disarm the violence in ourselves.

In the middle of the biggest viral pandemic in a century, a global revolution sparking the largest antiracist movement of our lifetimes, worldwide protests against police brutality on Black communities — and democracy on a cliff — we must fuel up for fight ahead.

Here are 12 tips for the road.

1. FB, IG, Twitter are not news sources.

It’s called social media. Recognize…

George Floyd’s murder has birthed a global revolution. A national uprising. An historic turning point. His dying words have become our anthemic call to action.

Lu Hanessian, MSc

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We are living a pandemic apocalypse. The Greek word ‘apokálupsis’ literally means uncovering, revelation, disclosure.

When empty streets deserted for months in a lockdown are suddenly filled with masked protestors gathering in the middle of a viral pandemic that has claimed the lives of more than 100,000 people, something is being uncovered.

When #wearedonedying is trending, the NFL admits it was “wrong”, and behemoth corporations and city mayors suddenly denounce racism with solidarity statements and the reallocation of hundreds of millions of dollars to Black community causes…

When a tweet taunt and a mass death toll are both Breaking News, then, news flash: The media is normalizing nightmares. Americans have got to wake up.

Lu Hanessian, MSc

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Back in the day, a story would merit “special report” status and warrant interruption of regularly scheduled programming.

When was that day?

Before 24/7 wall-to-wall news networks. Before teleprompters and IFB (interruptible foldback) ear devices. Before cult of personality and opinion television. Back in that day, anchors were handed a news bulletin. …

There’s a profound intelligence pulsing through our body’s systems. Are you blocking access to it or harnessing it for optimal wellbeing?

Lu Hanessian, MSc.

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We misunderstand our bodies.

We overestimate them. We put them through hell. Deprive them of rest and sleep. Stuff them. Starve them. Push them to ridiculous extremes. Ignore their basic needs. Neglect aches. Keep them stuck in lousy patterns. Drain the tank. Deplete their resources. And expect them to keep performing.

And, we underestimate them. We live without awareness of the phenomena of what’s happening inside us. How our brains detect danger. How our organs react…

Lu Hanessian, MSc

President, Founder “Integrate Resilience”. Researcher, educator, journalist, former NBC network anchor/Discovery Health Channel.

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